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Searching for Linux developers

We are searching for Linux developers who could write lightweight shell script for:

  • periodical scanning of user defined directories / shares for video files
  • for every new video file found, script would automatically download best matching subtitle via special REST api
  • script would keep simple text file where it would save information about when did it last try to download subtitle (this would be used to optimize process and prevent too many server calls) --> this would serve as very primitive "database"
  • most common shell script must be used so it can run on as many systems as possible out of the box


  • script must be simple enough to run out of the box on Linux powered routers or Raspberry Pi
  • subtitles would be downloaded completely automatically without user's action. User would just turn on his/her popular video player (set-top box, Raspberry Pi, smart TV, ...) and subtitles would already be there :)

Finished script will be released under open source license so other users can customize or enhance it (if needed).

If you have skills to write such script drop as an email and tell us how much money would you like for it :)

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AnonymousFinnaly something (native) for Linux.. Have you thought of Linux version of Sublight?
administratorOf course, but unfortunately it would be currently very expensive for us to port entire Sublight to Linux. Let's say this script should be start :)