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How much time did Sublight save you?

In newest version of Sublight you can go to "about" page and you will see approximate information about saved time:

Saved Time

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Sublight now implements much improved title detection

Sublight now features state of the art title detection logic which is much better and faster than old one. Nevertheless, if you find any mistake please contact us and we will try to make it even better. We will try to update detection logic as frequent as possible.

To use new title detection please upgrade Sublight to newest version.

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Have new idea for Sublight?

Send us feedback on our suggestion page. We will try to implement most voted ideas.

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Added Shooter.cn support - Chinese largest subtitle database

In latest version of Sublight we added support for Shooter.cn. This will be useful for our Chinese users.

Here is sample search result of Chinese subtitles:

Shooter.cn support
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Special edition of Sublight: Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Download Sublight


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