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Chinese version of Sublight

We have published new version of Sublight. Here are main changes:

  • Monitored folders bugfix: Sublight could occasionally switch to batch mode, even if you didn't use monitored folders at all
  • and more importantly: Chinese translation was added (thank you translator!)

Here is how Chinese translation looks like:

Sublight: Chinese user interface
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Happy Holidays from Sublight!

Dear Sublighters,

Another year is coming to an end and we would like to wish to all our users and their families happy holidays and happy new year!

Today we pushed last Sublight version in year 2015 and are now going to short vacation :)

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Sublight promo code

Latest promo code required for new Sublight registrations is: sublight opensubtitles

Simply copy/paste it to promo code field when registering new Sublight user.

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Maintenance & Bonus for our users

We are doing some maintenance on our servers. Because there can be some down time we decided to compensate this by temporary disabling waiting times for all users.

This should be good news for everyone! Happy Sublighting!

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Explanation why Sublight Points exist

We would like to explain once again why Sublight Points exist.

First, everyone can use Sublight completely free of charge but with some minor limitations. Users who decide to buy Sublight Points unlock all Sublight functionality and they consequently help us to pay for our servers and enable us to further develop Sublight App (thank you all for that!).

We also carefully set Sublight Points pricing so it can be affordable to as many people as possible (for price of few coffees or beer in many countries).

Here we would like to state that Premium users are not paying for subtitles as they are freely available on internet. Everyone can access them (but it is true it can take more time to do this manually).

Sublight Premium program is basically essential for Sublight service to operate. Without it we would have to shutdown Sublight service and all further development.

We had to write this because unfortunately some (rare) users think that software grows on trees and that hardware, bandwidth and electricity is for free. We also would like to live in such world but for now we have to pay bills (unfortunately) :(

Have a nice weekend :)

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