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Free version of Sublight (with limited functionality)

We received quite a lot of emails from users who would like to pay for Sublight Premium but unfortunately their countries do not support our payment options.

For this reason we are now introducing version of Sublight (5.0.1018) which can continue to work after trial is expired but with following limitations:

  • only one subtitle language is allowed
  • only one external subtitle database is allowed
  • no batch mode

At any time you can upgrade to Sublight Premium account.

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ratkuttiThank you! Exactly me feelings answered, as I reside in India.

Added new subtitle database: subsynchro.com

In Sublight 5.0.1016 we added support for new subtitle databse: subsynchro.com. it provides movie subtitles in French language.

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Bitcoin promotion (special offer)


During promotional period we are giving 20% more Sublight points for each Bitcoin purchase.

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We want to create platform where subtitle translators would get paid for their effort

Due to huge success of Sublight application we now want to move things even further.

We would like to create platform where quality subtitle translators would get paid for their enormous effort.

This would bring mutual benefit for Sublight users (high quality subtitles) and subtitle translators (getting paid for their work).

If you think this idea is good please like it below on social networks.

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Added portable version of Sublight 5

For those of you who want portable version of Sublight 5, you can download it here (~ 1.4 MB download).

System requirements are same as for standard version of Sublight (Windows Vista with SP2 or newer).

Main difference is that this version will run from any directory and that it does not have automatic updates.

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