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Sublight 4.8 includes multilingual tools to help bring application to many languages

In Sublight 4.8 we included collaborative toolkit which will enable application translators to simply and quickly submit their valuable work.

Currently only most important parts of application are available for translation. With future versions we will cover more and more application parts until every piece of application is translated.

Based on this collaborative work we will prepare best translations and compile language packs for future Sublight versions.

Want to help us translate Sublight to as many langauges as possible?

  • Launch Sublight 4.8 and once it is loaded press CTRL + SHIFT + E keys
  • User interface editor should be opened, select language for which you want to contribute translation.
  • Click on items you want to translate and edit text in bottom part of window ('edit your translation here' textbox). You can check your progress by clicking 'Preview translation in Sublight' button.
  • Once you are satisfied you can submit your translation by clicking 'Submit my translation' button.

Sublight 4.8: user interface translation editor

Please note: users who will abuse system will be banned and will never be able to participate in this program in the future (we track translation versions and we can easily revert bad changes).

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Sublight 4.7 brings Google authentication

As you may have noticed, newest version of Sublight now supports Google authentication which enables:

  • new users can sign up directly with their Google account
  • existing users can link their Sublight account with Google in 'settings / user profile'

Benefits of Google authentication

  • you don't have to remember another password, instead just use your Google password
  • if you have Sublight username/password you can use Google authentication to log in in case you forget your Sublight credentials

Security FAQ

  • Q: If I use Google authentication does Sublight know my Google username/password?
    A: No! Sublight uses OAuth to Access Google APIs. When you sign in with your Google credentials Google returns us special random token which can be used to authenticate you.
  • Q: Which information do you have from my Google account?
    A: When you successfully authenticate with Google credentials we receive Google+ user ID (usually 21 digit number). We can not use this ID to log in to your Google account or change any of your Google settings. We don't see your Google email address and we don't see your name. However, with this ID it is possible to access your public Google+ profile (https://plus.google.com/u/0/GOOGLE_PLUS_USER_ID).
  • Q: If someone hacks Sublight server can my Google account be compromised?
    A: No! (see previous two questions for details)
  • Q: More questions?
    A: Please use our contact form and we will answer any of your questions regarding Google authentication.
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Sublight now supports usernames with Arabic, Chinese or Russian letters

We upgraded Sublight server with newest version which brings following features:

  • improved performance
  • improved login experience for some users
  • you can now use international characters when registering Sublight username
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Happy Holidays from Sublight!

Dear users.

It has been great year for Sublight thanks to you!

We listened to your feature requests, we redesigned our hash algorithm to be much faster and better, a lot of new third party subtitle databases were added, dark application theme was added, application startup time was improved, we started Sublight.Core open source project, subtitle linking is now supported on all subtitle providers, ...

One of last things we did in year 2014 is introduction of movie sharing list. You can enable it on following URL: http://www.sublight.me/share/seen?username=YOUR_SUBLIGHT_USERNAME

Example of last seen movies for user 'macofaco': http://www.sublight.me/share/seen?username=macofaco

Now your friends can follow your latest movies on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (of course only if you enable it).

We wish you happy holidays!

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Sublight 4.6 adds support for dark theme

Dark application theme in action:

Sublight 4.6: showing dark theme

Theme can be changed in: settings / general / application theme

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