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Premium prices 15% off for one week!

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Sublight can now auto detect more than million videos

In November 2014 we introduced faster version of hashing algorithm and almost 8 months later we have entries for more than million different video files, each of them matched with synchronized subtitle(s).

Can we reach new milestone of two million videos by 2016?

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New bonus for our loyal users: loyalty points

From today we are introducing our new loyalty program for our Premium users.

For each year since username registration you will receive 5% more purchased points as free bonus. This can go up to 20% bonus for four or more years.

Here is complete list of loyalty bonuses:

  • 4 years or more since username registration: 20% more purchased points from selected plan
  • 3 years: 15% more purchased points from selected plan
  • 2 years: 10% more purchased points from selected plan
  • 1 year: 5% more purchased points from selected plan
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Added new subtitle database: TVsubtitles.net

In Sublight 5.0.1020 we added support for new subtitle database: TVsubtitles.net.

Sublight now support in total 13 subtitle databases!

Download links:

Sublight 5 requires Windows Vista with SP2 or newer with .NET Framework 4.5.

If you have older version of Windows you can try to install Sublight 4 but please note that this version is no longer actively developed.

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Free version of Sublight (with limited functionality)

We received quite a lot of emails from users who would like to pay for Sublight Premium but unfortunately their countries do not support our payment options.

For this reason we are now introducing version of Sublight (5.0.1018) which can continue to work after trial is expired but with following limitations:

  • only one subtitle language is allowed
  • only one external subtitle database is allowed
  • no batch mode

At any time you can upgrade to Sublight Premium account.

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ratkuttiThank you! Exactly me feelings answered, as I reside in India.
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