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Sublight 4.6 adds support for dark theme

Dark application theme in action:

Sublight 4.6: showing dark theme

Theme can be changed in: settings / general / application theme

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Sublight adds support for Russian subtitle database

In Sublight 4.5.5456 we added support for subs.com.ru - Russian subtitle database!

Sublight has now support for 10 (!!!) third party subtitle databases.

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Support for even more subtitles

Yesterday we added support for Ondertitel.com (Dutch subtitles), but today we are happy to announce that we added three more databases:

Sublight now supports nine third party subtitle databases out of the box!

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Sublight adds support for Dutch largest subtitle database

In Sublight 4.5.5453 we added support for Ondertitel.com - Dutch largest subtitle database!

We currently have out of the box support for following third party subtitle databases: Ondertitel.com, Podnapisi.NET, Addic7ed.com, Subscene.com, OpenSubtitles.org, subdivx.com, Shooter.cn

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Tips and tricks: automatically start Sublight and search for subtitles after your video finishes to download in μTorrent client

Since Sublight version 4.5.5447 you can do this simple trick to start Sublight automatically after your video download in µTorrent has finished:

  • in µTorrent click Options / Preferences or simply press keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P
  • in Preferences dialog click Advanced / Run Program
  • in "Run this program when a torrent finishes" field enter path where you installed Sublight
    • if you installed Sublight to default location in C:\Program Files\Sublight you should enter:
      "C:\Program Files\Sublight\Sublight.Loader.exe" dir="%D"
    • if you are not sure where you installed Sublight please find your Sublight shortcut on desktop or Start Menu, right-click on shortcut and from context menu select Properties. "Sublight Properties" dialog should open and you will see your Sublight location in "Target" field.
  • confirm µTorrent Preferences dialog by clicking OK button

Here is screenshot of µTorrent Preferences dialog described above:

uTorrent settings for launching Sublight

You can probably do similar trick to other torrent clients. Key is to start Sublight with following parameters:

  • if you have only path to directory where video is located use following command (as in µTorrent example above):
  • if you have full path to video file:
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