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Our slightly updated user interface

It now better matches Windows 10 apps:

Sublight screenshot

Do you like it? You can send us suggestions by clicking ☺ icon from Sublight titlebar (next to your username).

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Improved watched videos functionality: integration with Simkl.com service

In Sublight 5.0.1032 we added option to share Sublight's watched videos with Simkl.com service.

With this service you can better keep track of what you have watched, when next episode of your favorite series airs and what other people watch:

Simkl.com integration

You can register Sublight with your Simkl.com account by clicking SIMKL logo as displayed below:

Simkl.com registration

How does it work?

If you turn on "auto add to watched list..." option in settings / watched and link your Sublight account with Simkl.com service your movie or TV episode will be automatically recognized and added to your collection as you watch it.

If you want to add your videos manually you can switch to watched tab and click "add" button.

To view your collection simply open Simkl.com and log in with their credentials. All your movies and TV series should automagically be there :)

Download locations of Sublight:

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Sublight on Windows 10

Sublight 5 works on Windows 10 out of the box, without need to install .NET Framework or any other library.

It also works faster than in previous Windows versions:

Sublight on Windows 10

We like new Windows very much and we highly recommend to our users to upgrade to newest version (it's free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users).

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Want to become Sublight Points reseller and earn 20% commission?

Please contact us.

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Very cool new feature added to Sublight!

In newest Sublight 5 version you can find improved batch functionality which can now download multiple languages at once!

Setting multiple languages for batch download can be found here:

Setting multiple languages for batch download

We hope you like it!

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