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Please upgrade Sublight to version 4.5

Due to redesigned video detection system please upgrade your Sublight to version 4.5.

Thank you!

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Improved user experience with Sublight 4.5

Sublight 4.5 now brings very important feature which will enable better search results:

  • it is now possible to mark subtitle as synced/unsynced for all subtitle databases when searching subtitles by video (previously this was possible only for Sublight and Podnapisi.NET database)
  • it is now possible to rate every subtitle regardless of database source

You may ask why is this important. This will enable much much better search results by monitoring user trends. Synced, highly downloaded and highly rated subtitles will be higher on Sublight list so you should have even better user experience.

We are encouraging people to mark subtitles as synced/unsynced and to rate subtitles. By doing this you are actively improving Sublight ecosystem!

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Winter is coming...

Starting with crucial internal changes from Sublight 4.1.5390 and newer.

More details coming soon...

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Sublight feedback, current results

We received a lot of user feedback and we are very happy with current response. We would like to take this opportunity and thank all participants!

Current feedback is very positive, some of you are already happy with Sublight as it is, some of you like new Windows 8 look, some of you don't. There were some nice suggestions and we will think about them but of course it is impossible to please every user.

My current favorite feedback was this one:

I am hard of hearing and even with the most sophisticated of hearing aids constantantly upgrading to the latest technology was not able to enjoy television. The amount of material available with subtitles or close captions is extremely limited. With Sublight I am able to read & watch my way through movies which has opened up a new world of entertainment & pleasure.

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Social network contest: win Assetto Corsa game

Here is new contest for our users: create engaging post on one or more social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reddit, ...) with your personal link: http://www.sublight.me/dl?u=YOUR_SUBLIGHT_USERNAME

Of course you will have to replace YOUR_SUBLIGHT_USERNAME with your actual username, for example: http://www.sublight.me/dl?u=macofaco.

User who receives most visits to Sublight download page will win Steam game Assetto Corsa.


  • contest will run for one month
  • no cheating (multiple clicking, etc.) because you will be disqualified

Good luck :)

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