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jShortcuts is free, lightweight and easy to use JavaScript shortcuts library. It is compatible with all modern web browsers and does not require other JavaScript libraries / frameworks.

jShortcuts: Quick Start

Copy & paste following code to your web page and you are ready to go. This demo code registers three demo keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+M (built-in menu demo): displays built-in shortcut menu (you can style it with your own CSS style)
  • Ctrl+F9 (callback shortcut demo): calls callback JavaScript method
  • Ctrl+Shift+G (URL shortcut demo): opens Google page in new window

<div>your content</div>

<!--put this at the end of your page--> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.sublight.me/Projects/jShortcuts/Download/jshortcuts-1.0.0.js"> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> jShortcuts.register([ //displays built-in menu jShortcuts.createMenuShortcut('Ctrl+M'), //simulates button click //jShortcuts.createElementShortcut('nextButton', 'Next Page', 'Ctrl+Shift+N'), //fires callback method jShortcuts.createCallbackShortcut(function () { alert('test from shortcut callback'); }, 'Callback test', 'Ctrl+F9'), //opens new page jShortcuts.createUrlShortcut('www.google.com', 'Visit Google', 'Ctrl+Shift+G') ]); </script>


jShortcuts: Free Download

jshortcuts-1.0.0.js (14 KB, JavaScript source)

jShortcuts: Questions or Comments?

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