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User interface overview.
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Flagging synchronized / unsynchronized subtitles with your videos.
Allows you to search subtitles from third party databases.
Sublight batch download
Easy batch subtitle download for your entire collection.
SublightCmd is command line tool used for automated batch subtitle download (for advanced users).
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SublightCmd command line interface (advanced users)

SublightCmd is powerful command line tool for advanced users. It enables you to batch download subtitles for all of your video files.

Usage limits: to prevent server overload we have limitation for free users - each user can download 10 subtitles per day with SublightCmd. To overcome this limitation you will have to get Premium account. This limitation does not apply for Sublight application.

Please note: SublightCmd tool can search only subtitles from Sublight database. It can not search subtitles from third party databases (Subscene, Podnapisi.NET, ...). Alternatively you can see also Sublight batch download but it does not allow command line automation.

Where is SublightCmd.exe located?

You can find it here: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Sublight\App

Downloading subtitles

  • Download English or French subtitles in specified folder / subfolders:

    SublightCmd.exe downloadbatch "C:\MyMovies" "*.avi;*.mkv" "en"+"fr" /recursive:true /username:"USERNAME" /password:"PASSWORD"

    Note: language codes must be in ISO 639-1 format.

  • Download English or French subtitles in specified folder / subfolders, French subtitles are preferred:

    SublightCmd.exe downloadbatch "C:\MyMovies" "*.avi;*.mkv" "en"+"fr" /recursive:true /username:"USERNAME" /password:"PASSWORD" /tryEnsureLanguages:"fr"
  • For detailed parameters please enter this command:

    SublightCmd.exe help downloadbatch

Display all available commands with parameters

  • SublightCmd.exe help