Death Hospital - SOVIA (Full Movie - Horror - 2008 - Germany)

A woman was killed brutally and now she is back to take revenge. Now not only the people who killed her, but even everyone else, too, is at the receiving end of her rage. She is out there to kill every man or woman she comes across, and mercy is not on her agenda. The police, on the other hand, is totally puzzled as to who is behind all these killings. There is also a love story booming amongst all of this, but it is going to turn into a tragedy. Watch the horror unfold before your own eyes.

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Sovia (Death Hospital)

Country of origin: Germany
Release date: 2008
Language: German (English subtitles)
Genre: Horror/Thrillers

Director: Robert Franke
Writer: Raimund V. Tabor
Stars: Diana Radnai, Vera Hübner, Thomas Harbort

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IMDB review (spoiler alert):

"I have to admit I was on my toes especially for a non US production. It's one that gets better and better as the movie goes. It keeps you wondering and there is pretty much no foreshadowing at all. In horror fan is going to love the use of music and sound effects in the movie. Take note of the lack of dialogue in the movie, yet how much emotion is conveyed. I'm sorry it wasn't any beautiful American actors carrying the film. It was brilliant music, sound effects and editing. Welcome to the world of supernatural Horror Thriller. Less is more... I really didn't know what was going to happen from minute to minute. The overall twist and turns... yeah it's a definite popcorn lights off cuddle with your girlfriend scary movie."

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