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help topics
User interface overview.
linking subtitles
Flagging synchronized / unsynchronized subtitles with your videos.
Allows you to search subtitles from third party databases.
Sublight batch download
Easy batch subtitle download for your entire collection.
SublightCmd is command line tool used for automated batch subtitle download (for advanced users).
login problems
Forgotten username or password?
tips & tricks
Useful Sublight tips.
Sublight points
What are Sublight points and how to get them.

forgotten username or password

1. Try to request password recovery email

If you know your Sublight username but forgot your password please try to reset it by clicking "Forgot password?" link as displayed below:

If we have email address associated with your username you should receive email with password reset link. If you don't receive it please check your 'Junk' inbox.

This option will of course not work if you didn't previously provide your valid email address. In this case please continue reading.

2. Registered your Google account with Sublight?

If you linked your Sublight account with Google account you can log in with your Google credentials.

3. Having active Premium account?

If you purchased Sublight points please contact us and don't forget to send us all of the following information found on your PayPal receipt:

We can help you recover your Premium account only if you provide us all required information. You can find your PayPal receipt in PayPal transaction history.

Don't have active Premium account and still having login issues?

Unfortunately we can not help you :( This means your username is lost. You will have to register new Sublight username. This time please enter valid email address in case you need to recover your account again.