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Sublight is even better and faster with Sublight Premium

Sublight Premium - Sublight is even better and faster with Sublight Premium
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Access millions of subtitles
click & play simplicity, File Explorer integration, auto updates, saves you a lot of your precious time and much more
Unlock all app functionalities
unleash power of Sublight Batch and Monitored folders, unlimited number of subtitle languages, access to all supported external databases
Ad-free version
as long as you have positive Premium points [1] [2]
Support Sublight and upgrade to Premium
From just 4.99 EUR per year
or 0.42 EUR per month.
Collected funds help us finance server costs and maintain software quality (no hidden malware or bloatware as long as Sublight is downloaded from official website).
  1. points are valid for one year or until user reaches zero points - whatever comes first
  2. every subtitle download decreases your points by one
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Your previously negative points will be reset to zero (example: if you had -250 points and you purchase 1500 points, you will effectively have 1500 points after purchase and not 1250).
Points Validity: one year
Unused points will automatically expire after one year, so please purchase number of points that you think you will be able to use in one year
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How to buy Bitcoin? (for beginners)

Once you have Bitcoins in your personal digital wallet you can click "Pay with Bitcoin" above and transfer correct Bitcoin amount to generated address.

NOTE: Because service provider fees are involved when buying Bitcoins we recommend that you purchase more Bitcoins (for example 50 EUR or 50 USD) which you can spend for future purchases.

Important note regarding cryptocurrency transaction processing speed

Some cryptocurrencies can take up to 1 hour to confirm transaction. Please don't give us negative feedback for this because this is technical limitation that we can not change. Simply restart Sublight every 15 minutes until you don't receive points. If you don't see points in 1 hour and Sublight was restarted, please contact us and we will help.

Thank you very much for understanding!

Safety Tip: how do you check that you are using authentic site after you click "Pay with PayPal" button?
You can check that you are using authentic PayPal site by looking address bar in your web browser. Address should point to and in most browsers it is colored with green color if everything is OK. Here is example from Chrome browser:
How to check if PayPal site is authentic

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